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Music beyond boundaries – they break the rules by definition @ CPSGS ANN

Don’t loose hope. When the sun goes down the stars come out.”

We at CPS Global believe in holding on to our hopes in the toughest of times. What’s more soothing than a rhythm of music in these tough times.

Our little Rockstar Krishaang sings an alluring song which talks about what we all might be going through in the last 20 days.

We all are social beings and suddenly when this opportunity is taken away from us, we find it very difficult. Let’s take this as an opportunity to heal the unattended wounds from the past, take time to listen to the little ones, take time to sit beside the experienced souls and take time to share a cup of coffee with the ladies at home. Now that’s what you call leaving a mark!

Let’s make this happen. Let’s make sure we remember this time, all our life now, because of not what’s happening outside, but because of what happened within the walls which we call ‘home’. A ray of HOPE in this hard time to stick together leaving out a message to the World – ‘We are a Community, not just a bunch of individuals ‘

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