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Minute to Win Contest @ CPS GS ANN

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Forty minutes of fun and excitement and each minute we could savour a different flavour; each unique and contrast making it very special. Our very first online contest “The Minute to Win” challenge was an Instant hit among the Students of the Middle School. The contest had two rounds –  Preliminary and Final round. Students faced different challenges as they were given one minute to speak on the topic given on the spot. It was incredible to see the students support and encourage each other while working to achieve the objective of winning the game. This contest had a lot of positive aspects and the children did their best to rake their brains to string relevant points and utilize the minute given to them to the fullest. Our students at CPS Global School Anna Nagar are known for their confidence and creativity and today’s platform was just another evidence of it. Successfully completing the one minute challenge  is a sure sign that the student is spontaneous, fluent with the language and is ready to open out to the world. A perfect blend of Humour and Intelligence in the speeches kept us in a trance and glued to the screen.

Our constant strive to provide our students with real world challenges give us the motivation to device such competitions. Our students’ enthusiasm to grab every opportunity makes them the  Icing on the cake and they know how to  make every learning beautiful and lasting.The event ended with the students making a pact that they will utilize every minute of their lives to do simple things in a great way!

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