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Making an electric circuit @ CPSGS ANN

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The students of grade 3 participated in a class activity where they learnt about the

significance of light in our daily lives and learnt how to produce light with the help

of a simple electric circuit consisting of 4 basic components – A battery, a conducting wire,

a switch and a light bulb.

The learners actively participated in the activity, making beautiful electric circuits .

They were able to identify the battery as the source of electricity in the circuit ,

The conducting wire as the carrier of electric current and the switch as the bridge that

Holds back or allows the current to flow through the circuit .

When the switch was closed , current was able to flow through the circuit and the bulb lit

  1. But when the switch was open the current could not flow through the circuit and the

bulb did not light up.

From the above activity the learners were able to clearly understand concepts such as an

electric circuit , open and closed circuit.


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