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Let’s get Creative – ELP 1 @ CPSGS ANN

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Creative Play is what children do when they’re just being children ,whether it’s drawing, painting, fixing puzzles, cutting, pasting, modeling, making or make believe, all children love being creative if they’re given the chance.

There is a great deal of problem solving and concentration which happens as children learn to take what is in their head, and put it onto paper. In the early years they need to ask themselves basic questions like will this glue be strong enough? If I cut here will it fit? or what can I create using ten sticks ?In solving these problems they learn about the creative thinking process. Developing a love of this creative process will set our children up as a creative thinker in all walks of life.

In order to have an electrifying welcome back for our tiny tots after their holidays, a bunch of fun filled creative play were organized like what can you make with straight lines?, what can you create with one cup of Lego?. It was a pleasure to see their little hands at work and give shape to what their little brains were thinking.

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