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Let’s Cloud Aloud !!! – ELP 3A

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Mummy? It is going to rain today.
How would you know kiaan? Asks mummy.
Didn’t u see the sky? It’s filled with dark grey cumulus clouds!
And the little scientist made mummy’s day!
The little balls of cotton as they seem to us are nothing but water, ice and air. We see clouds nearly every day. They float in the sky above us and have the power to even block out the Sun!
White, dark, grey they come in different colours and each one would tell us about the weather and sometimes make up for our mood too!
Our young learners of ELP 3A seemed to have mastered the concept. Our tiny tots not only identified the various types of clouds, but also drew them on paper.
There is no being “under the weather “in the ELP segment.




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