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The Erudite Talk Day 1: Manuscript Writing and Global Health Issues on nCovid-19

An overwhelmingly impressive virtual educational talk series initiated by CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai commenced with an interactive  informative session by Dr. Sachin Atre, Fulbright Scholar, Medical Anthropologist, Research Coordinator, Johns Hopkins University, USA. 

The pioneer webinar spearheaded the imperative features of manuscript writing- components, considerations, cautionary measures with examples from his own research work. The varied work that Dr. Atre has done on the treatment of Tuberculosis engaged the audience, esp, the IBDP students whose curriculum core entails a 4000-word individual research work. The speaker’s engaging clarity on manuscript writing and detailed statistics on the nCovid-19 enthralled the audience, furnishing perfect enlightenment. The speaker’s impeccable answers to the participants’ questions proved to be a value addition to the session! Indeed, it was an exemplary webinar to begin with! 


The Erudite Talk Day 2: Arts Education and Initiating Creative  Projects- Mr. Michael Young

The second webinar followed on the next day with a very different flavour- the art of cartooning by yet another Fulbright scholar, Mr. Michael Young. An accomplished cartoonist himself based in New York, Mr. Young flawlessly engaged the audience with his story whilst interweaving the nuances of this art form. The audience’s queries ranging from skill versus content in the art to acceptability of the art form was a testimony of his tremendous engaging influence on all. Two consecutive days, two diametrically different fields of discussion but both held all captive. The weeks of planning to get speakers from as diverse locations as Pune in India to New York in the USA on this platform and conducting a smooth flow of events truly bears evidence that one can only be physically locked down but the mind is free to roam in the realm of knowledge.

Stay tuned for more webinars! Till we meet again…


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