Language- the motif of life – Hindi Diwas celebration @CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai

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The greatest gift of God to mankind is the power of expression, and language serves
this great purpose. To celebrate the power of language, CPS Global School,
Thirumazhisai left no stone unturned to showcase the grandeur of Hindi, on the
occasion of ‘Hindi Diwas’ on 14 th September to commemorate the day when Hindi
was declared as the official language of India in the year 1949.
As the teaching has become virtual due to pandemic, the celebrations also broke
physical boundaries with some students in school and some online participating in
various class activities from ELP to IB Yr 2 like speeches, poem recitations, tongue
twisters where children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
As a culmination, a whole school assembly was organised where the children from
ELP – IBYr2 enjoyed mesmerising programs. ELP and the primary students
gailyperformedlovely Hindi rhymes brightening up the morning with their colourful
attire in sync with their renditions.One of our Korean students also recited a Hindi
rhyme proving that language learning has no barriers.
Students of CAIE 3-4 expressed their concern of food habit in form of a beautiful
story. The intonation proved their theatrical prowess. Middle and senior school
students enthralled the audience with mellifluous song renditions and energetic
dance routine. The finale was a very unique kind of quiz “Kaun Banega Baadshah
2021 – Season 2” connecting one with the language at different aspects of life be it
identifying popular food items or use of Hindi loan words in English (!) and English
equivalents of our traditional Hindi proverbs. The enthusiasm in the students
overwhelmed all. Students, who do not learn Hindi as a language leave alone it
being their mother tongue participated with vibrant energy. It was a melting pot of
Thus, it was reiterated that if the heart wants to connect, language can never be a
barrier. Indeed, a well spent Hindi Diwas it was at CPS Global School,

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