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‘La fenetre and Alohomora’ 2019-2020

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 ‘Sharing knowledge along with motivation is the best way to educate students…’ CPS Global proudly presented ‘La fenetre and Alohomora’ which was a platform for our children to share the knowledge they have gained through this one year, for which motivation is driven from the tireless support of parents. The beauty of learning is when nobody can take it from us; similarly the beauty of knowledge is only when it is shared with others.

 ‘Individually we are one drop, together, we are an ocean.’ The students, faculty and the entire team of CPS Global have put in a lot of efforts to make this a grand success.

Playing Shakespeare requires not only technique, but also sheer commitment.  The Dept of English put up a fantabulous show, taking everybody back into the Venetian era showcasing an act of the famous ‘The Merchant of Venice’. The dialogues, setting and expressions rendered by our students, was a classic piece of art.

The tiny little ones showcased a fun filled play ‘Mr Fantastic Fox’, which was enjoyed by all the parents.

Beakers, liquids, gauge and various tools kept the Science department engrossed. The vibrancy of colors, mix of chemicals and the excitement of the students was an amazing experience for the parents.

The poetic chamber and the CPS Mela presented by the Dept of Hindi, was a treat to our senses. It was fantastic to see children speak the regional languages so well with an upstate performance and their engagement with parents.

‘We are not the makers of history. We are made by history.’ The students of the Tamil Dept were not any less; they took us all back to the Chola Dynasty showing the heritage and culture of those times. It was breath-taking to wander into the vibes of a forest, taking us through the very roots of this language.

The Department of Math, Robotics and ICT took us into a whole new world of impeccable knowledge and stunning models.

The Dept of Social touched up the various social issues and also the traditional approaches in their displays. Our new initiative, Digiminds, showcased the photography skills of all our students.

The display put up the Art team was sensational, mind-boggling and magnificent. Their creativity and innovation knew no bounds.

‘A good life is a collection of happy moments.’ Today was one such moment for our CPS family.


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