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Keeping up with the Times – ELP 3B @ CPSGS ANN

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Are you running late or do you have time to spare? Would you be able to say if we didn’t have a clock?

In earlier times before clocks came about; a method that ancient people used to keep track of time were sun dials. The suns’ passage across the sky could tell us if it was midday or high noon.  The shadow was tracked to tell the time of the day. Water clocks another time-measuring instrument were also used to tell time. A water clock is a timepiece by which time is measured by the regulated flow of liquid in and out from a vessel, and then the amount is measured. Our children did an experiment on water clock and had hands on experience on how it works.

With evolving times, clocks and watches came into the scene and telling time became much easier. Easier, once we are all grown-up i.e.!  So, the young ones of ELP 3 b learnt to place hands on a clock for a given time to assimilate the concept.

And let us remind you children, there is no hurry to grow up- there is plenty of “time”!

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