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Travelling is always fun for our little explorers,be it by air , land or water.  To recognize the various modeS of transport and to understand the transportation system, World transport day was celebrated in our ELP virtual classes.
Transportation is important as it opens the world of new places,cultures,oppurtunities and experiences.The students of ELP had a lively discussion on the types of transport that they have been in . A highly interactive quiz raised the interest of the learners in the topic. The students understood that depending upon the distance of the destination, we choose different modes of travel.
A fun activity had the children draw a car through the step by step  instructions given by their teacher. The little ones added their own creativity to the drawings and made them more special.  A beautiful helicopter craft was also made using  colour papers, popsicle sticks and glue. What a journey it was that day at ELP CPS Global Thirumazhisai, with loads of fun and learning about vehicles.

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