Janmashtami celebrations @ ELP of CPSGS TMZ

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Janmasthami is celebrated to remember the birth of Lord Krishna on the eighth day of the dark fortnight in the Bhadon month of Hindu calendar. People make the footprints of Little Krishna with rice floor which will begin from the doorstep towards the pooja room. “Lord Krishna will come and visit us”- is the belief residing behind this.

Wow! We couldn’t believe that it was a virtual celebration. Our little kiddos were all fancied up like Krishnas and Radhas.They were eagerly waiting for the celebration which started vivaciously. Sai Nidhi of ELP 1, enacted like Yashodha and danced gracefully for the lullaby song of Krishna “Aayarpaadimaligayil”. All cute graceful dancers of ELP mesmerized the gathering by dancing for the Radhe Krishna song which was screened. The significance of Janmasthami was briefed and there was an interesting story session which helped the children to understand the reason behind the Janmashtami celebration.

The video in which the Krishna Jayanthi wishes shared by our little ones was beautiful and blissful as well. The creative craft work of the children added more colour to the virtual stage. Thus by spreading the taste and aroma of happiness all around ourselves, the event was a grand success.

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