It’s all about boats – “Boat day”!@ CPSGS TMZ

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I am not afraid of storms,


I am learning how to sail my ship!

Yet another day of gaiety @ CPSGS TMZ, it’s all about boats – “Boat day”!

Everything was set ready in the activity room – an inflatable pool, miniature boats, aprons,….

Tiny tots were awestruck when they got to see the eye-captivating swimming pool inside their activity room .  They were all inquisitive to know what they were about to do! They got ready with their tiny customized aprons for the adventure. They started making paper boats with great enthusiasm following the teacher’s instructions. Then our kiddos were geared up to float the colourful paper boats. And yes, they did it!

The day doesn’t stop there. They also learnt the new concept – floating and sinking practically. They started exploring it with many objects and understood why they were floating or sinking.

It was a complete day of learning  with high jinks.

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