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Intramurals for CAIE 1 & 2 @ CPSGS ANN

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
                                                                               ― Michael Jordan

Games give us a chance to excel and true sportsmanship is all about pouring your best to win .This December 13th was the day for our CAIE 1 and 2  students to gear up . Our young athletes left no stones unturned, when it was their chance to take part in Intra murals. The  spirit within them was   extraordinary as each and every individual put in their best to taste success. Mighty little feet of our children showcased their inner fierceness to participate  and win !One such race was the obstacle race . Be it a ball or a hurdle or a hoop, these obstacles were placed in their tracks and students showed their clever way of handling and their focus proved that they will not give up easily.The field was filled with roaring cheers for their house participants.  Team spirit shapes them to bring the best in them  and kangaroo relay was one  kind of race that proved their dedication to their own houses .Children showed much enthusiasm  in participating  the semi finals of 100 metres and in hoops race .

CPS Global believes that preparation is the key .This Intramurals was yet another platform to witness  that each minute counts to shape our young minds as better dreamers  who will  transform as  the best achievers !

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