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Inquisitive detectives – Play @ CPSGS ANN

Ghost and deductive stories have always been popular genre of many as they have always been a thriller and chiller for centuries.  The curiosity that the genre evokes, the amount of desperate moments it brings in and the climax that untangles the knots, have always been greater moments to cherish and relish in the course of our life time.

 CAIE 8-A has written a plot incorporating ghost and deductive story elements, and they performed the script titling “Coffee with Ghost”. The story line starts with 3 friends who are very curious in search of a haunted house to exercise their detective skills so that they can disprove the existence of ghost. In course of their quest, they land up with the disguised ghost who are actually found to be nomadic who are in search of a permanent shelter.

It is really appreciable and notable to witness the involvement of the students in writing and performing the script with ease and interest. It reflected their confidence in exhibiting their verbal and acting skills.

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