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‘Inkitt – A Writing Initiative’ @ CPSGS ANN

“You can make anything by writing.”
It is believed that one of the strongest and loudest tools of communication is writing. We as a learning community, are attempting to inculcate the flair for writing in our youth from their early stages of learning. This was one of those opportunities that would let them explore their innate interest and talent towards expressing themselves through meaningful words and phrases.
“Writing is the painting of the voice.”
Our students grabbed the opportunity and had genuinely attempted to give shape to their thoughts, ideas and opinions. There were age-appropriate themes given and the students wrote on Real Superheroes, Nature’s Gift and Grow from Challenges.
It was a beautiful sight to watch our students stepping into the world of writing. As they engaged in writing, they turned oblivious of their surroundings and engaged with the writing completely. They enjoyed the process of letting their thoughts flow without any hindrances.
This event intended to enable our students to perceive the skill of writing to not only express themselves but also to make a difference. The written pieces of our students demonstrate their creativity and expression of a refined quality. We will ensure that our students are inspired and motivated to keep strengthening their power of writing.

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