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Independence day Celebrations @ CPSGS ANN

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“Freedom of opinion gives the right to put forward your thoughts freely. Always spread positivity”

Freedom is never dear at any price. It is the breath of life. 2021 marks the 75th Independence of our country where we celebrate the bravery of our fathers and their gift of freedom.

It’s the year of sheer pride as we mark today as the Platinum jubilee celebration of our country’s Independence. As always, we at CPS feel immensely proud to be able to celebrate this occasion.

To embark on this journey with us, we had a very special Chief Guest amongst us, Shri PV K Rajasekhar, Additional Director DG Systems, Chennai. Mr. Rajasekhar has been a special duty officer in the Ministry of Finance to handle Foreign Trade Policy work. He has also served as Directorate of Revenue Intelligence to handle investigations under Customs Act.

“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.”

Today is a day where we celebrate our differences and motivate each other to bond with each other irrespective of which religion, caste, community or culture we belong to. It was a spectacular day at CPS where along with the efforts of the teachers, the students put up a great show to commemorate this day.

When flags are waving in the air and songs patronizing this great nation are chiming everywhere. You can be sure it’s Independence Day! On this great day, our country relinquished the yolk of foreign rule and became one of the largest democracies in the world. The day started with flag hoisting and then various cultural programs were planned.

The very theme of this occasion was remembering the unsung heroes from the past and taking pride in the journey we all have accomplished as a nation. We took every moment to thank the leaders of the past and achievers of the present to give us the nation we are living in today. Our students put up a great show of drama, music and shared what ‘freedom’ actually meant to them.

“Freedom is not the right to do anything; it is the right to do the correct thing.”

Hold your head high; let the world know you are proud to be an Indian!

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