I shall participate, I shall contribute and in doing so, I will be the gainer said the American diplomat, Walter Annenberg

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Akin to this quote, my participation in the recently concluded event called Project Salus was filled with contentment. Project Salus is a Creativity, activity and service project that aims to advocate and educate about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through conducting competitions that not just require an open mind and creative prowess but also problem-solving skills to compete. The events were challenging as they focussed on various aspects of learning such as trust, teamwork, dependence and spontaneous thinking. We, the IBDP students of CPS Global school, Thirumazhisai were fortunate to have received an enriching experience by way of allowing ourselves to participate in the various events.

I along with my classmate, Aditi Sanjay finished second in the event called Tefiti which was related to SDG and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS). Be it the presentations round or the charades round followed by the main quiz round, every event was conducted with perfection. It was truly fascinating to see people my age with such intelligence and poise. Win or lose, the competitive spirit is undying as long as we believe that every step we take towards the goal of success is a learning experience. Overall, it was an amazing experience filled with memorable moments to cherish for a lifetime. 


-Rohith Raman,
IBDP Year 1,
CPS Global School,

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