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National Sports Day Celebration at CPS Global School Thirumazhisai

Nothing can stop CPS Global School Thirumazhisai from having fun, including a pandemic; we definitely have grounds for commemoration. Certainly, everything has become globally virtual and having steady physical and mental health is a challenge especially considering current circumstances. CPSGS believed National Sports Day is one such occasion which can bring out the spirit of sports and can kindle practical contribution to be physically and mentally active. The celebration began with our signature routine- the school prayer, followed by the significance of this special day with a video, progressing to mark the day with a PPT about the Olympians, a poetic rendition of Odi Vilaiyaadu Paapa by Subramania Bharathi and a motivating speech by the Head of School. The day hence continued with engaging activities, unveiling the importance of sports.

To inculcate the value of leading a hale and healthy lifestyle, an athletic dance session was organised for CAIE 1-2 learners. Everything is better when one dances, and Zumba was definitely a mood changer. The enthusiastic students of CAIE 1 and CAIE 2 thoroughly enjoyed the event, and gave it their all. Not just dancing, activities such as balancing the book and cookie eating, which required both physical competence and diligence, were very much welcomed by the learners. Their happiness and active participation fulfilled the purpose of this celebration.

The students of CAIE 3 to CAIE 5 were challenged to think outside of the box and employ their artistic skills for an exciting game of Pictionary. The students dedicatedly played the charades-inspired game where one person in a team draws the given word while others guess the name. In order to honour the special day, each given term was sports-related with topics ranging from names of sports to famous sports personalities. The game became increasingly difficult after each round but this definitely did not deter the students, rather pushed them to utilize their maximum potential to win the game for their house. In the end, both Alphard and Diadem tied for first place while Canopus followed closely in second place. Although it was entirely student-run, Pictionary was ultimately a success, having entertained everyone involved in the game.

The National Sports Day quiz for CAIE 6 through IB 2 has become the talk of the day. After a quick and efficient briefing on the housekeeping rules to be followed, the quiz commenced. It ran smoothly and without much complication like intended. The excited participants, including the younger ones, were quick and adept at answering the questions, not letting the restrictions of technology affect them. After a few rounds, the quiz  questions started to seemingly get tougher, and Diadem became the eventual winner, well-deserved especially after their hot streak of 4 questions right on a bounce. The scores were displayed after each round and each house gave their best all throughout the event. Beyond doubt, this virtual competition, a change of pace from regular classes was the highlight of today which entertained both the participants and the audience. The Student Council members’ meticulous planning was astounding, even with the limited facilities online, making this celebration an engaging one. The event ended successfully capturing the spirit of sports.

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