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Gleanings – Pursuit of Justice – Sanjay Pinto

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The students of CPSGS gained the honour of attending an extremely enlightening guest lecture with one of the top criminal lawyers of our country and national media personality Mr. Sanjay Pinto. Apart from being a lawyer by profession, he is also a columnist, author, public speaker and talk show host and it was a thrilling session  to gain insights into the world of law. He highlighted on how one should start working towards something we have a passion for, and it is never too late.

The lecture gave an insight into  the positive side of law as a profession. Mr.Pinto described the immense satisfaction achieved by a lawyer after gaining justice for their client and how they as lawyers can implement actual change in society. He also mentioned that there is no other profession in the world that pays as well as the legal profession and that there is no retirement age so they could keep working towards their passion for as long as they can. Additionally, he also illustrated the downsides of the profession, giving us a lucid picture. He said “work literally crawls” sometimes and it takes a huge amount of patience and dedication to be able to sustain and establish oneself in the occupation. Later, he explained the qualities and attributes that together create a brilliant lawyer such as excellent communication skills, empathy for their clients and persistence.

The session, concluded with question answer round where students cleared their doubts regarding the topic. This guest interaction was a perspicuous session giving us a translucent picture of the legal profession. Finally, there was a profound quote spoken by the host, Mr.Pinto, which had a great impact to his conclusion.

“Not all battles are fought for victory. Some battles are fought to show that there are still people on the battlefield”.


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