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 In pre-school years, being able to colour with crayons, cut with scissors, paint with paint brush and play with small objects such as beads and puzzles are integral to the child’s fine motor skill development. When combined with  hand-eye coordination fine motor skills also open new doors to exploration, learning and creative expression.


Painting with anything other than a paint brush ? This novel idea of painting with cutlery was an instant hit with them. Tulips made with a fork!!! This was really intriguing to the little ones.

The background – strip of grasses, flower stems were drawn and kept ready for the children to do fork printing. They had fun dipping the fork in paint and pressing it in the paper. The students were excited to discover that fork lines looked like the petals of the flower. A previous discussion in the class helped them to know more about Tulips. With their tiny hands they took much care to press the paint dipped fork atop the flower stems to create colourful flowers all across the page, which made them confident in their hand-eye coordination. This activity helped our students to think out of the box and encouraged them to explore their creativity using cutlery.

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