Filming, an Exceptional Learning!

Short Films are considered to be a powerful medium to indoctrinate. The visual basis of film gives it a universal power of communication. IGCSE Year 1 students of CPS Global School Thirumazhisai have created a short film on “Storage devices of Computers” and contributed their utmost efforts for better learning of the concept.

The students put in all hands to create this visual masterpiece, each segregating a topic to enact themselves. The content covered in the short film includes information about various commonly used storage devices such as the CPU, Hard Drive, DVD and more.

To bring in the joy of virtual learning, our learners developed creative and humorous scripts to portray the uses and implementations of the storage devices. This active learning method not only allowed them to gain better understanding of the concept, but also provided an opportunity for them to put their thinking caps on and be creative – an essential skill for 21st Century learners.

After days of brainstorming, filming and intricate editing, the final creation was ready to be revealed. The hard work and thoughtful planning of our learners was certainly prominent in their final work, from carefully crafted lines to dedicated acting.

The Short Film was an excellent example of how learning concepts shouldn’t only need to stick to the boundaries of mundane methods, but can be done through wonderful artistic representation.

Online classes may be the new norm; however the students proved that standard, uncreative learning methods don’t have to be. Undoubtedly, this filming was an exceptional learning for our learners!


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