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There is a lot behind the cement walls we lean against each day. The members of the SEEDS club from CPS Global Annanagar were given an insight into the same on 27th July 2019 when they were taken to the headquarters of Ray Mix Concrete, Tamil Nadu.

The non- government company was established in 2006 where most of the work was done manually. Over the years, the system and equipment has rapidly developed and has also reached international standards. Ray Mix concrete has facilitated large scale projects like bridges, hotels and high rise buildings.

The field trip started off with a seminar which highlighted the company’s journey and had a Q and A session where students posted questions about the company’s functioning and marketing styles and how they hold the monopoly in the market. The official also gave an inspirational speech about tackling obstacles and following our heart’s deepest passions.

Following that, the students were taken on a tour to learn about the procedure followed and equipment used like tipers, cement mixers, automated machines and vehicles used for transportation.

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