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Field trip to ICF RAILWAY MUSEUM by CAIE 4 & 6 @ CPSGS ANN

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Field Trip – A Learning Experience   

Students of CPS Global School had a practical experience of learning about the Railways; they were taken to “ICF RAILWAY MUSEUM”. The magnificent railway museum captivated the students.

There were different models of coaches exhibits at the museum which enlightened the learners. The students proceeded to the  building with information on the history of railways, pictures, photos and train models which kept them busy jotting down most of the information they gathered.

Students had a joy train ride which gave them a vision of the landscape, around the museum. There were other exhibits and models made out of waste (creativity at its best) which boosted their imagination.

After enjoying the outdoor sight students proceeded to the theatre, as the lights dimmed and information on the railways and ICF began, the excitement among the students was so overwhelming when they saw the 10 fastest running trains in the world.

The show was informative as it provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of railways. The Polar Express show for ten minutes gave them a thrilling experience of the supernatural world.

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