Farmhand – From Mind to Sketch

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 An artistic representation of the poem

We the Literature students of IGYR 1 are extremely proud to present our outstanding FA project, a creative, and a visual representation of the poem Farmhand by James K Baxter.
The whole idea began when we were analyzing the poem in class and were asked what our perceptions of the character ‘Farmhand’ were. All four of us (Krishnan, Sahana and Harpith) put forth our unique descriptions of the persona as envisioned in our heads.
However the next task proved to be quite a challenge – we were required to bring up an image of the character, Farmhand that we visualized. We spent a couple minutes surfing the web, however realized that we couldn’t find any suitable image that matched the sketch we have created in our minds.
That’s when a brilliant idea popped into our heads – why not create our own drawings of our perception of the character ‘Farmhand’ and the poem as a whole.
This amazing idea was agreed upon by the literature group and we quickly got to
work in planning and sketching out our drawings. After almost 2 weeks of discussing, drawing, editing and writing a lot of emails, the project was finally done.
This unique, unconventional learning approach of an ‘artistic representation of a poem’ was a huge success, and we received phenomenal feedback from the whole school community.
This eye opening experience not only provided us a fantastic opportunity to put on our thinking caps and be creative, but also helped us gain a deeper understanding of the poem, certainly making this an unforgettable experience for us all.
Finally we would like to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback and most significantly, Shiny Ma’am, our Literature teacher for the amazing opportunity. And certainly, we thank James K Baxter the most,  without such an amazing poet, this beautiful poem would not have existed.
– Harpita IGYR 1
Young Literarians at work

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