Fantasies & Fairy tales – Puppet show @ELP TMZ

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From prepping us for the pitfalls of life to teaching us valuable skills and lessons, fairy tales are ever-relevant, whatever our age, writes Katherine Wilde.

Fairy tales have a lot to teach children about life, and indeed it gives every one of us the key imaginary experiences that shape us throughout our lives.  These ‘happily-ever-after’ stories reassure us that somehow, in some way, with time everything will be alright in the end and also learning that there are some wicked people in the world is also necessary for children.

To add spark to the interest of our children we staged a puppet show at CPS Global School  TMZ. The story of Little Red Riding Hood was enacted with the help of beautiful and colourful stick puppets. Our little ones were so excited to see the puppets talking. Puppets offer children an engaging way to interact with the characters of the story. The response from our little ones was overwhelming when ‘Bunny’ the Rabbit interacted with them and when the giant vibrant butterfly sang a rhyme. All our kiddos thoroughly enjoyed the puppet show. Kids were dressed up as Aladdin, Pirate, Elsa and also as many other pretty princesses, charming princes. The moment when our little princes and princesses posed for pictures elegantly it was captured and preserved as beautiful memories.

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