Fantabulous Fifty at ELP CPS GS TMZ!

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Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. – Nathaniel Hawthorne.

In the blink of an eye the days flew by for our tiny tots at ELP.Milestones are fun to celebrate in ELP. And being in school for 50 days is a great reason for celebration! Our ELP kids were wide eyed and a bit anxious about starting school on the first day. Voila!! what a transformation it has been through these 50 days! From the unsure newbies, our ELP kids have become confident students and proud members of the CPS GS family. 50 days of fun, great learning with amazing hands-on activities and most importantly making friends – It all happened in these Fantastic Fifty Days. Our little ones were given “50 days Smart” certificates appreciating their efforts in class activities. A day so special needs to be ear marked with a show stopper and that came in the form of a joyous session of singing with their music teacher. The exuberant spirit of CPS GS all is well that starts well and we wish our ELP students many more happy milestones.

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