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EY – Book Lovers Day! @ CPSGS ANN

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Reading is dreaming with your eyes open! ”

Do you want to join Cinderella for the midnight ball or swish from one tree to another with Mowgli or maybe join Peppa pig’s birthday party? Well…wouldn’t it be wonderful?  And all at the flick of a page!

Today at the EY segment we went through several such dreams as children celebrated Book Lovers Day!

Children brought their favourite books to class and shared snippets from their favourite stories. Children have built their own collection of books and are reading from story books to general knowledge books to religious texts!  With sparkling eyes they spoke about their beloved characters and the joy they derived from reading was clearly visible.

Such is the world of books as they transport us from one story to another and when we close the book it feels like we just woke up from a wonderful dream!

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