Exhilarating Umang 2021- Celebration of Youth!

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The school management of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai took immense pride in congratulating the students of IGCSE Year 2 and IBDP Year 2 on the completion of International Award for Young People (IAYP) program by organising the annual youth event UMANG through a virtual assembly on April 1st, 2021. The student –participants of IAYP program embarked on an array of activities that gave them ample opportunities to explore and realise the significance and the intent behind each of the sections of IAYP that include Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and adventurous Journey that rendered them fulfilling the requirements for the bronze and silver level awards. The total awards tally stood at 22 bronze and 1 silver level awards.The student-awardees were felicitated in a special way for their remarkable achievement in the assembly and the students of both the batches delivered a short speech describing the journey of their IAYP program that greatly motivated the students of the upcoming batches of IAYP students.


With more than one billion hours of video being consumed every single day on YouTube alone, videos have taken a centre stage in our lives and there is absolutely no escaping the fact that videos have become an incredibly powerful platform to convey information with sheer intent. The IBDP students of CPS Global School, Thirumazhisaitook dedicated steps to convey their heart-warming endeavours of social service through videos. The videos depicted the moments of social service that took place at Akshayaold-age home at Pallikaranai,Valsaravakkamand Mudichuras part of the Creativity, activity, service (CAS) project “Joy of giving”wherein the studentsmade their Diwali very special by getting a whole lot of essentials for them that included toiletries and basic cooking requirements with the funds they raised for this noble cause and they also sponsored the Diwali special lunch and dinner for the inmates. The elders expressed their joy and heartfelt gratitude for this noble gesture which was conveyed on their behalf by the trustee through a short speech. The remaining parts of the video contained the gargantuan efforts of the students to aid people who are differently abled by raising funds for their prosthetic limbs and also for people deserving cataract surgeries through the crowd-funding platform, FUELADREAM. The support provided by Freedom trust NGO and their dedicated team of staff were remembered as they paved way for the students to witness one of their camps for differently abled individuals when they involved themselves in taking measurements of limbs of the attendees so as to make sure that the prosthetic leg fits well and the user can afford to make minimum efforts to move allowing enhanced mobility. The video depicting the noble projects of our studentswas filled with emotion that created a connection with our audience that words and photos cannot build and the upcoming batch of IBDP derived motivation and vowed to make philanthropic efforts of this measure in the ensuing academic year that reminisced a famous quote that states “Felicitation is inspiration to others and motivation to whom you are felicitating.”

The most riveting moment in UMANG was the virtual launch of the Youth Anthem. This thought of having an exclusive CPSGS Youth Anthem was set alight in a quatrain writing competition for IGCSE and IBDP in NOVA VETA, English Fest of CPS GS Thirumazhisai.This was one such proudest moment for the entire CPS Global School family as it was CAS initiated and led magnificently by IGCSE and IBDP students themselves with certain guidance from the teachers. Realising the whole world’s reality being masked and bound, CPS Global School family wanted to ignite hope and spread optimism in the unprecedented time such as this through music as we believe in the famous saying by Elton John, “music has healing power”. Our IGCSE Year 1 to IBDP Year 2 learners penned down the lyrics to this great initiative, and our IBDP Year 1 students along with the Music Facilitator Mr.Eremias, having devoted jam sessions composed the tune for the Youth Anthem. The choristers of CPS Global School did their best use of talents contributing towards the success of this remarkable initiative. With tremendous support from the parents despite the COVID scenario, this fantastic initiative paved way for our choir singers to cherish such an incredible studio experience. Certainly, the entire CPS GS family sincerely thank the parents for always believing in all the endeavours taken by the school.The youth anthem was an emotional tribute to the perseverance of all during the trials of 2020 and gave renewed hope for 2021 and beyond.

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