Embodiment of Leadership MUN4India 2019 # Day2

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”-Warren Bennis

Establishing this avowal, the quintessential leadership forum, the day 2 of MUN4India refreshed the swarm of diplomats, bestowing them with an unbound knowledge of the Model United Nations’ quest. 

Channelizing the mission of MUN, the day embarked on intriguing the diplomats, through the Act2Impact session and other committee sessions. The Act2Impact session reverberated with a percussive cheer when Mr. Chandra Mohan, Film Director, Founding Member of Arappor Iyakkam and Uzhave Thalai inspired and stirred up the fire of change in every diplomat with an empowering vision on civil rights, and the exhaustion of natural resources. Following the impactful session, Ms. Shreya Bajaj, Project Lead, MUN4 India, conducted an activity for the diplomats of the four committees to pen down an open letter to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressing the pressing issues and potential solutions which conferred the diplomats that change can ensue only when the thoughts are expressed.   

The day’s sessions ensued with direct follow up of the previous day’s proceedings with much more confident cogitations by the delegates. Understanding their roles of international diplomats, flipped through notes and reports, began debating the caucuses. There were more unmoderated caucuses for the creation of a resolution in order for the committees to be successful. Considering that many delegates are first timers, the chairs allowed the resolutions to be voted upon and explained the errors and what should be done. This just proves that without the chair and the vice-chair, the committees would just fail.

UNICEF, UNDP, UNEP and UNWTO delegates debated intensely proving their worth, forming blocks with other countries before presenting their resolutions. But it was not just only work, there were fun moments as the chairs read out anonymous chits from delegates with innovative requests.  The committees were truly both enticing and educating, and were definitely a MUN experience that the delegates won’t forget in a long time!

With the Day 2’s committee sessions having come to a close, the diplomats assembled in the auditorium, exhausted but at the same time excited about the fruits of their labour. As the crowd settled, the emcees welcomed all with memories of a truly exciting MUN4India Chennai Chapter experience. The images on the screen created feelings of nostalgia, putting smiles on the faces of diplomats, Executive Board members, and volunteers alike.

To show appreciation and to recognize the efforts of every stake holder, the dignitaries were called upon to congratulate them with certificates. The essence of this event was to acknowledge the best diplomatic minds amongst the numerous delegates who had participated. To honour them, the members of the Executive Board presented five verbal mentions along with five Diplomacy awards from each committee. The Vote of Thanks expressed the gratitude to every individual who have contributed towards the success of the first ever MUN to be hosted by CPS Schools Group. 

With the final hit of the gavel, the 2019 session of the MUN4India Chennai Chapter was declared closed, until next time!

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