Ecstasy lies in the thrill of creative endeavour and exhilaration of victory

It is yet another proud moment for CPS Global School Thirumazhisai, students from ELP to CAIE 5 enthusiastically participated in an online competition, “Amazeballs – A Virtual Carnival” hosted by Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Delhi. The carnival consisted of a series of virtual elucidations to break the fetters of restricted imagination and go beyond. Students of CPS GS showcased their talents in various categories and excelled in all of them. ELP 3 participated in Fantasy Land and portrayed two characters, Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf and presented a short excerpt from the story “Little Red Riding Hood”. They were well appreciated for their exemplary performance with Confident Communicator Award. CAIE 1 & 2 enjoyed doing a creative air friction model balloon hovercraft out of a CD, balloon and a bottle cap. The students were amazed to see their hovercraft fly and rejoiced in their discovery. This innovative exposition has earned them the title “The Enthusiastic Scientist.” CAIE 3 students solemnly gave their hand in creating a power point presentation on 5 places of interest of a country. As a result of their conviction and overwhelming performance they are presented with Informative Presentation & Effective Eloquence Award. “There is no genius without a touch of madness.” The students of CAIE 5 thoroughly enjoyed The Ad Mad show “Razzmatazz”. They have been recognized for their brilliant performance and awarded with Commendable Effort and Enthusiastic Performance Award. 

With the boundless imaginations of our students, victory was easily attained! 


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