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Decision Making Skills @ CPSGS ANN

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It is not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.
Learning is not about facts and information, but about training young minds to think. Looking into oneself, analyzing their own strengths and scope for improvement, evaluating their perspectives lay the foundation for learning that would last a lifetime. These are the principles of our life skill session where our students are engaged in acquiring knowledge about decision-making.
It was exciting to witness how our students could think about their day-to-day life to find out the confusions that they tend to have. This insightful activity helped them to realize that confusion comes in when there are choices and that almost all situations have alternatives when it comes to making a decision.
As they shared their dilemmas, this initiated an effective interaction on what are the real choices that they have and how these are to be evaluated based on a few significant factors to make a right decision. We believe that learning through analysing the familiar dilemmas of one’s own life will empower them with the skill to look beyond the limits.

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