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Debating the use of Drugs to Curb the Abuse of Drugs@ CPSGS ANN

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“Knowledge is addictive, the more you have the more you want”-Millionaire Medicine

Students of IGCSE YEAR 1 had a debate session on the Drug and Alcohol addiction as part of their Formative assessment. The controversial word addiction stirred up the debate if addiction is a choice or a disease? Despite differing opinions, the students talked that it is a major health crisis and needs to be talked about. Students shared their perspectives on the harmful effects of smoking, alcohol, and narcotics. The debate ended with how Drugs and alcohol addiction can affect the personal relationship and make it difficult to focus on work or school, and when drugs are used over a while the brain changes in response to the prolonged exposure to those drugs and the withdrawal tend to get worse. Students had a valid argument that the legitimized social status of alcohol allows us to ignore its health risks and concluded the debate saying “Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotics be Alcohol, Morphine or Idealism”


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