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Fathers are Superheroes!! – Daddy@school at CPS Global TMZ!

No matter how famous or successful we are, our first identity is that of being someone’s son or daughter. We honour, thank and acknowledge mother’s love all the time…But why not fathers?!! Fathers are their kids’ first coaches, entertainers, protectors, play mates and best friends with whom they share a bond as strong as the mother’s. Our ELP students dedicated a day to their daddy dearest to acknowledge them for being a pillar of love and support. The day started off with a welcome note by Ananya of ELP3, following which a mesmerising dance performance was presented by our tiny tots. Lots of activities were planned for the extra special day. Fathers joyfully participated in the water bottle filling game along with their kids. They also enjoyed being part of so many fun filled games like holding the child in one hand and bursting the balloons and tug of war. Kids cheerfully encouraged their dads throughout the game. The room was filled with laughter, happiness and thundering applause. Children presented their dads with personalized hand-made cards that said ‘Love you dad’. It was an emotional moment for all gathered, when Toyesh of ELP3 thanked his father for being there for him all the time. Our little ones were truly inspired to accord these deserving men a special place in their hearts forever. All the fathers cherished each moment they spent at school with their kid and it was evident from their beaming faces that they will keep this day etched in their memory forever.

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