CPSGS Karate Kid!

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Self -Defence is the most obvious reason for children to learn martial arts. Martial arts develop confidence and focus which are important in the overall development of children. Our pride budding Karate Kid R. S. Leelaah of CAIE 2 had participated in many tournaments for whose passion, this Pandemic has not been a hindrance. As a Brown Belt -IV aspirant, she had won Silver Medal in the International Okinawa Goju-RYU Karate- Do online Kata Championship 2021, organised by Okinawa Goju-RYU Karate- DO Federation, Malaysia. To add to her accolades, she had secured First place in Kata, Under-8 Chengalpattu District Goju -RYU Karate Tournament and First place in Karate Individual Kata 8th State Level Tournament. She had participated in various Karate training camps to enrich her Karate skills. She continues practicing hard to enhance her skills and techniques for future performances.

We wish Leelaah Good Luck in her future endeavours!


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