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We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future
– Franklin D Roosevelt


CPS Global Thirumazhisai, set another milestone in its pursuit of knowledge. World Youth
Skill’s Day started off with a special assembly outlining the significance of the day. United
Nations declared July 15 th as World Youth Skills day to celebrate the importance of equipping
young people with skills for employment, work and entrepreneurship. This year the theme is
Reimagining Youth skills post-Pandemic. To highlight this important day, CPS Global TMZ
organised a master class by Mr Anand Srinivas CEO and Co- Founder of Stayqrious. He is
also the Ex-content Head of Khan Academy and Byju’s. The Master class, second in the
series, had students from CAIE4 to IGYR1 in attendance. Mr Anand, a highly engaging tutor,
took the students through Computational and Scientific Thinking.

Basic coding was
explained in a fun way by designing the incredible shield of Captain America. Students had
an awe-inspiring session as the live session demonstrated how to use a programming
language to get a computer to perform the actions you want. Mr Anand’s exuberance was
infectious and had our students motivated and excited to try their hands at coding. An
interactive question and answer session helped in quenching the curious questions of the
students about coding. Keeping up with the times has been the mantra of CPS Global
Thirumazhisai and we feel a sense of accomplishment in introducing our students to the
exciting, new world of coding.

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