CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai towards Making a Greater Impact!

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“The smallest act of kindness can make the biggest impact.”

The International Award for Young People (IAYP) and CAS (IBDP) is renowned for
fueling important life skills and boosting confidence by engaging the learners with a
series of opportunities for their self-development. The students of IGCSE Year 2, IBDP
Year 1 and IBDP Year 2 collaborated with Fuel A Dream, functioning as a platform in
raising money for Freedom Trust, an NGO. Working together with Fuel A Dream and
trying to fulfil the aim of giving hope for every physically challenged in rural areas, the
students of CPS GS, understanding the importance of kindness and its actions decided
to make a huge impact on several lives. They ensured to raise the money required for
prosthetics by rendering their utmost support for the unfortunate in the villages of Tamil
This past Friday the students had an exciting chance to virtually observe for
themselves the distribution of artificial limbs through Zoom platform. Seeing them
express how this has bettered their lives left the students themselves emotional.
Witnessing their gratitude as they received their prosthetics, was very sincere and
“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.” This quote proved true,
as the students utterly rejoiced at the prospect of having changed their lives for the
better. It was an exceptional moment indeed for all those who bore witness and the act
of kindness embraced all the viewers with a sense of fulfillment and a newfound
motivation to do more to aid others. Such encouraging opportunities never fail to ignite
the power of kindness in the minds of the students. This fundraising opportunity
certainly made a big difference in the lives of many giving them the gift of mobility and
enabling them to be able to go to work, creating livelihoods.


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