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Clear blue sky – ELP 2B

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Sky blue sky

Oh what a clear blue sky,

On a clear day, we can see that the color of the sky is blue even though sun light is colorless; it is us who gives the sun its yellow rays. So why is the sky blue if sunlight is colorless?

In this experiment, little learners can see for themselves how the blue wavelength is scattered faster than the light from the sun. The simple experiment needs only a few things, but it can be a fascinating launch pad for discussions about the sky, the sun, the solar system, and even the weather.  This experiment needed a glass of water, a small drop of milk and a torch .We shined the light from a torch through the milky water and it turned blue.  The room went hush .We could hear a pin drop.

Conclusion-   The sky looks blue, because the blue wavelength scatters faster than the other wavelengths in the atmosphere.

You’ve got to admit it to us: “you didn’t know that”!





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