Classminds Campfire Series – International Student Talks By Harpith & Harpita

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“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

With this unforeseen lockdown being implemented across the nation and worldwide, the conventional day to day life of citizens has transformed drastically, where wearing masks and arranging virtual meetings are the new norm. 

This pandemic has surely taken a profound toll on the world, with over millions of people being affected worldwide. We are extremely grateful to all the frontline workers who are risking their lives to protect and help the people of our nation. It’s extremely crucial that we don’t panic during unsettling situations like these and rather remain calm and lean towards the positive aspect of things. With a lot of time on our hands during the lockdown, we can surely work towards self-development to enhance our knowledge and skillset. 

During the lockdown, we were extremely glad to organize an International Student Talks Series – an initiative by Classminds! Classminds Student Talks is a student led series of events that showcase the student’s ability to speak, collaborate and inspire others. This is intended to be a global platform for students to share creative ideas with each other and also a place for students to develop and improve their communication skills and storytelling skills which play a pivotal role in future development. 

Our Idea of these campfire sessions were conceptualized by seeing how plenty of students worldwide were out of school and realized how beneficial it would be to provide a platform for them to collaborate and share their thoughts and knowledge during these difficult times. Hence, we reached out to students across the globe and invited them to take part in our webinar series.

Our first session revolved around the topic of the present Covid-19 situation along with life stepping ahead. We had plenty of amazing speakers share their insights on the situation where they lived along with necessary precautions and protocols to follow. This session proved to be extremely knowledgeable for students and parents as there were plenty of insightful perspectives shared on the topic from student speakers of the USA, Australia, UK, Singapore, etc.

In our second session, we discussed the significance of life skills and why students must be equipped with them in the 21st century. All the student speakers took part in the session avidly. For our third session, we were joined by a Professional mentor speaker, Rowena Cheng from Australia.  She shared a lot of perspicuous insights about Mindset and valuable takeaways for the students. 

We have received phenomenal response and feedback from parents, students and teachers across the world! These sessions surely proved to be valuable for students as these webinars amplify their global awareness and knowledge. 

Once again, during unanticipated and arduous times like these, we must always focus on the positive side and takeaway valuable learnings from this situation. What the world needs now is solidarity and with solidarity, not only can we defeat this pandemic but create a better world in doing so. 

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