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Christmas Celebration – Primary Segment @ CPSGS ANN

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There are as many special occasions in life as you choose to celebrate!
The loud cheer and the magical energy of our kids were heard all over the classrooms and school corridors on the occasion of Christmas Celebration. It was wonderful to witness that the charm of the program extended virtually as well.
Carols in the air got the music to fill everyone’s hearts adding sparks to the start of the holiday season. Children enjoyed the Modern Nativity skit, relating the birth of Jesus Christ to the modern times. All the programs including a skit and dance brought the true sense of Christmas to our kids on how being together makes everything better. The joy was felt in multifold as they enjoyed it with their friends making it more special and memorable.
With such moments to celebrate, we hope to make our children look for the little occasions and small achievements which they can celebrate creating happy experiences.

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