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“There is no greater inspiration than empowering children to help

other children”

-Gary Graves

The urge to hold discussions with children in topics that were considered a taboo
since the dawn of time is at an all-time high; thanks to the recent reports which
got educators and parents feel that it is high time to teach the young citizens
about child safety and the impending need to make children around to be aware
of the same. The perpetrators in the past stayed unclenched long after their
crimes as the society seldom considered it as an issue worthy of public
discourse and the society’s skepticism about the veracity of the victim’s words
allowed perpetrators to remain loitered rather than finding themselves paying the
price for the crimes.

The problem gets manifold when the victims are children
below twelve years of age as their orthodox upbringing might get them remain
unaware about the differences between “Good touch and Bad touch.” We at CPS
Global School, Thirumazhisai take pride in considering the safety of the children
the top priority by collaborating with YI Masoom for a master class program on
child safety and awareness on 25 th of November, 2021. The guest speaker of the
master class, Dr, Padmakshi Lokesh, a child psychologist by profession
delivered an interactive session with the students of CAIE 1 to CAIE 6 on the need
to be aware about child safety and security.

She also stressed that children
should be brave in tackling situations when the safety is questioned and also to
be open about discussing issues with parents and teachers. The speaker
mentioned that gadget addictions drives one to be less connected with the real
world and emphasized that the children during their formative years should be
allowed to use gadgets only under the guidance of elders.

The positive impacts of
sports and high intense activities that involved physical exertion were discussed
during the session by the speaker who pointed out that a sound mind in a sound
body is all that requires to tackle varied situations and circumstances in life;she also urged the students to follow a healthy regime and stay abreast with the current affairs.

Going by the saying “empower children lives and they will be able to change the
world,” the CPS Global School vows to conduct such sessions that not just
enlighten them on issues which are seldom discussed but also empower them.

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