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The education sector in India is experiencing improvement by leaps and bounds in the current era. Armed with technological advancements and a thorough understanding of the psychology of children, education has become an ongoing process dedicated to the progress of life

The aim of the Career Counselling is to empower the students to make informed choices for subjects and careers, after identifying and recognizing their personal aptitudes, interests and abilities. CPS Global School organized a session for students of CAIE-8 to A levels on 19-11-2019  to prepare the students with skills and attitudes necessary for academic and professional life. The students participated actively in the session testing their aptitude and relating the words to real life applications. The students  were  guided on the application requirements for colleges, SAT, SAT subject tests and on the importance of participation in discussion forums, clubs and events to exhibit their talents. The students are prepared through counselling and seminars so that the transition from school to college is smooth and successful.

“A child’s mind should be set free — free to explore and to discover the connections between all the beautiful, and indeed ugly, things he or she learns about this universe.”


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