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Career and Research in the field of medicine @ CPSGS ANN

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“The scope in the field of medicine and clinical research is undeniably massive, especially during this pandemic.”

Dr. Paul Jude Ramesh Thangaraj, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic, Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeon, at Apollo Hospitals was an inspiring speaker on the webinar at CPS global School Annanagar.

Initially, Dr Paul started off, going into the depths of different domains of science and research, exposing students to the wide array of topics and courses that, the future generation, could pursue. He enumerated the importance of every pathway in this regard, and how each one is integral to bring forward advancements in every field, especially in leeway of the current pandemic.

Furthermore, the doctor highlighted about his incredible work in the medical field and highlighted the criteria to enter and apply for medical schools globally.

Dr. Paul truly motivated students to push forward and succeed in their journey. Additionally, during the Q&A session, students at CPS global school stepped up to address thought-provoking questions to the doctor, which was answered with finesse by Dr. Paul Ramesh instilling his professional thoughts and personal feelings

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