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 “Rigid, the skeleton of habit alone upholds the human frame.”

Museums are great places where you can see the trifles and the leftovers of the past. We easily get the best form of education through these museums.

Government Museum of Egmore is really a great sight to see the various milestones that the human beings made in the niche of science. Our young learners of CAIE 3 visited Egmore Museum to study the various skeletons and its elements like anatomy, anthropology, and archaeology, the structure of bones, teeth, morphology, functions etc.

Learners saw the spectacular and outstanding exhibits in the Zoological galleries of the Museum which included preserved specimen pertaining to skeletons, dentitions, integumentary structures, reptiles, birds, mammals, some foreign animals and hundreds of dry preserved specimen in boxes and cabinets arranged systematically as a means of encouraging the study of Natural History and to do its share in the advancement of science

This trip was a gateway for our learners to observe, analyze, enrich their knowledge and get hands on experience of real fun way of Science.

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