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CAIE 1 & 2 Halloween day @ CPSGS ANN

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“Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story”

-Mason Cooley

Halloween, an eve of the Western Christian feast!!!

At CPS GS, we seek to rekindle the light of Halloween where our children bring back to life different characters both scary and funny. Through trick and treat activity the classrooms echoed with laughter and giggles. Our children of  CAIE 1 & 2 transformed their classrooms to a magical land with exuberant energy. Their dramatic eyes, skeleton capes, magical sword and extra vampire teeth added extra thrill and excitement. We witnessed spells from witches, creepy dialogues from vampire and magnificent breathtaking acts from zombies. Playing pranks and sharing scary stories took us into a tide of spooky dark adventure .The room was filled with monstrous laughs, hissing voices and screeching screams. It portrayed a spell bound atmosphere.

In the end, Halloween found value in our students, creating their own space and their own entertainment.

CPSGS believes that this moment will give wings to fly high and allow each student to appreciate and love the spirit of positivity!

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