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Cackle, squeak, bleat, gobble, care, kind, warm-hearted – ELP 1

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Even if you live in a city, miles away from the nearest grazing grounds, your young child has probably seen or heard about farm animals. Children usually come informed in such general subjects and it can become really uninspiring for these young learners to go through the same in class. You can ask then why learning about farm and pet animals is important. Do we have to incorporate these “regular” topics time and again? It depends on what the curriculum wants to envelop and address. We could  teach them as that is taught any regular class and say “children” ,  hens  lives in  coop , or  we  could talk about how  hamsters make good pets  or go a notch ahead and convey  the importance of  showing  empathy and sensitivity  towards any living creature !

Humane education can play an important role in creating a compassionate and caring society which would take benign responsibility for us, each other, our fellow animals and the earth. Let’s go learning and beyond!



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