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Brunch with mummy – ELP 1 & 2

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There will be so many times you feel you have failed,

But in the eyes heart and mind of your child you are a “supermom”

Doesn’t it warm your heart to read that quote?

Today was a fantabulous day for the ELP sections at CPS Global.

Our precious mummies of ELP 1 and 2 took some time off from their busy routines to have brunch with their tots.

It was just another day at school till about 10 am, when mummies trickled inside the school premises. One by one they came carrying with them delicious food packed in hot cases. The menu was scrumptious and the mood was eurhythmic. Children gleamed when they saw their mum in their class. “Not a usual day not a usual day “. How I wish mummy can be with me at school everyday? Their little minds must’ve thought!

Each class had their own ice breaker activities and a take away that they would hold close to their heart. Mom and child spent more than 2 hours with each other mindfully involved in numerous activities.

And finally when everything was coming to an end we surprised our mums with a cake which iced a perfect quote on it

“To our super moms, who make it happen everyday”

We will stop now and let the pictures do the talking. A heart full of memories to cherish for a life time is what our mummies must’ve taken home today. A very gratifying day at CPS Global!





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