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Breathe Right – ELP 3A

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Inhale deeply fills your lungs with joy

let your body expand and  grow roots deep into the earth

let your soul widen and stretch  into the sky and beyond

let your mind drift away  to glimpse the realm unnamed

breathe in the life that   nourishes and sustains you

then let it go gently joining the rise and fall

of the universe.

                                                                                                               –    By Nina Heyen

It was a breath of fresh air for children at 3A where they learnt how respiration works.  We started off by consciously asking them to feel the movement of air inside their body when they breathed. What they felt when they had their hands on their chest?  Some children came up with their inferring, but since at this young age seeing is proof of everything and connections happen faster during practical demonstrations we decided to do it that way.

Findings suggest that basic scientific principles when explained through experiments help young brains to learn and clarify many things about the world around them in a simplified way.

These learning methods are a key step to the evolving field of cognitive development.






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