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The journey of food…a long one from the farm to our tables!

We at CPSGS train the young minds to observe and appreciate everything in our surroundings. The Children at the ELP segment were given an in-depth insight into the beautiful farming culture for an entire week. They were introduced to various aspects of agricultural approaches .

Ploughing, sowing and harvesting were made fun lessons through pictorial depictions and videos. Children learnt how the farmers toil and help to bring food to our table.  A conversation class where the children took over the role of vendors and buyers at the local market and bargained over prices of fruits and vegetables was an exciting activity. It encouraged the children to converse and mingle with their peers and teachers in the virtual class.

Videos and pictures of horses in the barn to the quacking ducks and pigs lazing around in their sty while the farmer milks his cow had the young learners wondering “farming can be an exciting experience “

Observation is a key skill to better learning and encouraging our children to observe and discuss what is seen in the videos and pictures comprises a major part of our learning methodology.

Hands on the activities like plucking mint and coriander leaves and making a fruit salad were life skills introduced to our little learners. To fortify their understanding the children were then encouraged to plant their own little garden in a pot and observe its growth and bring it to class.

A well-rounded approach to the subject of farming through various methods of learning not only helps to ingrain the topic in children’s minds but also ensures a complete understanding.

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