Be aware and beware of COVID19 – Online Awareness Session

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We are in the midst of a part of History, where the COVID19 has become a pandemic and is claiming lives across the globe ruthlessly. Not to mention the aftershocks like crumbling economy and the frantic search for a cure for the virus.  We at CPS Global Thirumazhisai have left no stone unturned to make this difficult phase of social distancing and self isolation much more bearable and as productive as the circumstances would allow, for our students. The need of the hour is the awareness about how the CORONA infection is spread and how to protect ourselves from the infection. Our online session had a lively and interactive discussion between the students and our facilitators about the various ways in which we can safeguard ourselves from a lethal infection. The session covered the knowledge about the CORONA virus, the preventive methods adopted and the management of the illness. Students were emphasized on the importance of frequent washing of hands, social distancing and usage of face masks to contain the spread of the COVID19. The students were also provided with emergency numbers that can be contacted in case of assistance needed regarding COVID19.  We were happy to observe that our students were reading up on the current scenario and they shared a lot of information that they observed in the news regarding the NOVEL CORONA virus. The students were encouraged to share their knowledge on the CORONA virus to their family and friends. The students were also instructed to strictly adhere to Government rules and regulations that are put in place to combat COVID19. Awareness is knowledge and we rest assured knowing that our students have been instructed well through this session about the CORONA. Stay home, Stay safe, stay positive. This too shall pass.

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