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Our ELP 2 children always enter the classroom with a great sense of anticipation of exciting activities that await them. Today they were welcomed with a very unique activity. Hurray! A sensory bag! Sensory bags are fun for kids of all ages and this activity is great for developing fine motor skills. Children love to touch things especially things that squish.

A gallon size sensory bag filled with coloured gel and few buttons was set ready. Letter “u” pattern was also ready and it was carefully placed behind the sensory bag. As the sensory bag was transparent it made the way for the kids to clearly see the letter “u” which was there beneath the bag. Precise verbal instructions were given to the children in order to start and proceed with the activity. Following that our kiddos started doing the activity one by one with immense interest. They started arranging the buttons in the “u” pattern. The gel in the bag made it easy to move the buttons. They were brimming with excitement when they finished arranging all the buttons. This sensory play helps the brain make nerve connections and helps the child to get smarter. It also fosters the development of cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

The earlier the children are exposed to a wide range of sensory activities, the brighter and more engaged they become. Sensory bag could be easily termed as a bag of fun as the kids cherished every moment of the activity.

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